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New album

The band has finally started the recordings of its first long play album. Drums have already been recorded some years ago at SPS Studios in Ponta Delgada and in November, 2016 the band resumed the recordings of the remaining parts at CDA Studio in Ribeira Grande. It's now a work in progress and IN PECCATVM expects to finish all recordings during the present year. The album is still untitled but will feature 8 to 9 new tracks. The album is being produced by the band and it will feature a more raw and direct sound, parting ways with the over production and enhanced sound of MDLXIII (EP). The goal here is to show the band as it is, pure, in your face, gothic/doom metal without much studio embelishments. Stay tuned for more info about IN PECCATVM's new studio album.

New website

Welcome to the new In Peccatum's official website.
A new year brings new life. The band has great projects for the years to come and here is the first of them. A new and freshly designed website with all the information you need to know about IN PECCATVM. Enter at your own risk and be prepared to be doomed!