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Back to the stage!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that, after 13 years, we will be back on stage. We were delighted to receive the invitation from our dear friend Paulo Sousa (guitar player of Prophecy of Death) to be a part of the celebration event for his online radio program, World Wide Metal. We will be sharing the stage with our friends Drakh. Mark your calendars for September 16th at Clube Motard Independente in Ponta Delgada.

Studio Report

A small update regarding the recording of our album: as is customary, our work pace is quite unique and rather slow. Things are not at a standstill, but they are progressing slowly. The pandemic has further delayed the process, but we can share that we are back on track, and at present, we can disclose that the album will have 8 tracks, with keyboards yet to be recorded for 5 of them and vocals for 6. We won't provide specific release dates, but we can assure you that things are gradually moving towards completion.

IN PECCATVM in the Azores & Metal Vol. 2

The band will participate in Volume 2 of the compilation "Azores & Metal Vol. 2," an initiative by the Museu do Heavy Metal Açoriano with the track "Despondency," which will be part of the upcoming album. Place your order at: mhma.2020@hotmail.com.

World of Metal Online Festival - 3rd edition

Watch In Peccatum video at the World of Metal Online Festival here (starts at min 8.33).

IN PECCATVM at World of Metal Online Festival

In Peccatum is proud to announce that will feature on the 3rd edition of the World of Metal Online Festival.
Watch the promo here.

Bruno Sugere of 3A4 reviews the Azorean Heavy Metal 1998-2000 Collection

Bruno Sugere of 3A4 reviews the tapes of the Azorean Heavy Metal Collection.
Watch here.

IN PECCATVM at Catedral do Rock 

The band was at one of the oldest portuguese radio metal shows, Catedral do Rock, and was interviewed by Jorge Caldeira.
Listen here.

World of Metal Interview

Miguel Correia and Rosa Soares interviewed the band.
Watch here.

IN PECCATVM at Lusitânia Magazine #10 issue

In Peccatum gave an interview to the Lusitânia Magazine.
Read here.

Caminhos Metálicos Interview

Carlos Guimarães of Caminhos Metálicos interviewed the band.
Watch here.

IN PECCATVM - Azorean Heavy Metal 1998-2000 Collection

The  pre-orders for the band's tape are availabe until April, 18th. Check the Azorean Heavy Metal Collection page for more info.

IN  PECCATVM on Bandcamp

IN PECCATVM is now on Bandcamp. Check our profile at inpeccatum.bandcamp.com

Azorean Heavy Metal 1998 - 2000 Collection

Azorean Heavy Metal 1998 - 2000 Collection is a collection of tapes
from the early years of the Azorean Heavy Metal underground from the 90s. 8 bands will have their demo tapes reedited and In Peccatum is one of them. Check the official page Azorean Heavy Metal Collection

Stepan Kobyakin is our new keyboard player

We are proud to announce that our good friend and virtuoso keyboard player, Stepan Kobyakin, is In Peccatum's new keyboard player. Welcome to the family, brother!


Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 outbreak the Tremor 2020 Festival, where the band was scheduled to play, has been  cancelled.


The band will return to the stages in 2020. The band has been invited to play at the Tremor 2020 Festival in Ponta Delgada.
Stay tuned for future developments..

IN PECCATVM on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Google Play

You can now listen to the band's music on Spotify and Deezer or buy our EPs or songs at iTunes or Google Play.
Click on the icons above. 

IN PECCATVM featured on World of Metal Magazine #26

The band gave an interview for the World of Metal Magazine #26. Check it on the following link on page 66.
Read it.

Studio Report

The band intended to release the album on the first months of 2018, but the recordings are taking much more time than planned, due to personal and professional commitments. A date for the release of the album is now unknown, but work is going very well. IN PECCATVM have already recorded 8 songs, that are now at 75% of completion. Work will resume at the end of summer. Stay tuned! 

New album

The band has finally started the recordings of its first long play album. Drums have already been recorded some years ago at SPS Studios in Ponta Delgada and in November, 2016 the band resumed the recordings of the remaining parts at CDA Studio in Ribeira Grande. It's now a work in progress and IN PECCATVM expects to finish all recordings during the present year. The album is still untitled but will feature 8 to 9 new tracks. The album is being produced by the band and it will feature a more raw and direct sound, parting ways with the over production and enhanced sound of MDLXIII (EP). The goal here is to show the band as it is, pure, in your face, gothic/doom metal without much studio embelishments. Stay tuned for more info about IN PECCATVM's new studio album.

New website

Welcome to the new In Peccatum's official website.
A new year brings new life. The band has great projects for the years to come and here is the first of them. A new and freshly designed website with all the information you need to know about IN PECCATVM. Enter at your own risk and be prepared to be doomed!