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Demos and Cds

In Beauty

1998 - Demo Tape

This is IN PECCATVM's first demo tape. It was recorded between 17 and 27 of October 1998 and was produced by Pedro Castelo Branco.

1. Exhumed
2. She Walks In Beauty
3. Regnum Lusitaniae 

  The last track was recorded live at Coliseu Micaelense, on the occasion of the "Novas Ondas" musical contest and debut concert of the band,

Just Like Tears...

2000 - Demo Tape

The second demo tape was recorded between August and September 1999 and it was released live at the radio show "Os Santos da Casa" by Eduardo Reis at Rádio Açores - TSF. It was also produced by Pedro Castelo Branco.

1. The Long Awaited Season
2. Autumn
3. Fallen Leaves
4. With Splendour... 

This tape is important because the band left behind the heavy/ thrash influences (present in "In Beauty") and adopted a gothic/ doom sonority, the same that defines the bands sound nowadays.
It also features Pedro Alvim on keyboards, the first keyboard player of the band, that left in 2001.


2002 - MCD

This is the first digital format record of the band and it was recorded between June 2001 and January 2002 by Eduardo Botelho at M.M. Music Studio. It was released at Junta de Freguesia de Fajã de Baixo on February 22, 2002, where the band played an unplugged concert.


1. Septem Aquae
2. Everlasting Delicacy
3. Watery Portrait
4. 'Till Daylight Comes...
5. Sustained In The Nebula

The first song "Septem Aquae" is performed by a string quartette and it was written by Almeida and Nuno Estrela. The track "Everlasting Delicacy" also features the "Viola da Terra", a typical Azorean guitar.

Just Like Tears... 2008

2008 - Digital Edition

Reedition of the 2002 demo tape. Recorded by the new band's line up (featuring Oliveira on drums, Almeida on guitars and Spell on keyboards)  in the beginning of 2008 by Miguel "Spell" Santos at his SPS Studios.

1. The Long Awaited Season
2. Autumn
3. Fallen Leaves
4. With Splendour... 


2009 - EP

MDLXIII is a conceptual EP about the volcanic eruption that devastated the central part of São Miguel Island in 1563.
It was recorded at Global Point Studio by Eduardo Botelho.


1. All I Am Is Fear (Prelude)
2. [Our Last] Heartbeat
3. Aduro Letifer
4. Difusas Sombras
5. Tão Temerosas... As Cinzas
6. From An Ashery Flower
7. So Shall Ye Wither

Tracks 3 and 5 features excerpts of "Saudades da Terra" by Gaspar Frutuoso.
On the song "Difusas Sombras" the initial poem is recited by Zeca Medeiros, a famous azorean poet, actor and musician.


Echoes of a Morbid Death

2008 - CD

Tribute to the Azorean metal band, Morbid Death. The band covered the song "Burned Chest".

Azorean Heavy Metal 1980-2000 Collection

2021 - Cassette

Collection of tapes featuring 6 Azorean Metal bands from the late 80s to the 2000s. IN PECCATVM is part of this collection with their 2 demo tapes, In Beauty and Just Like Tears...

Azores & Metal Vol. 2

2022 - CD

Second volume of a compilation of Azorean Metal bands. IN PECCATVM is present with the song "Despondency", that will feature in the upcoming album.