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IN PECCATVM is a portuguese band from the city of Ponta Delgada in S. Miguel island, in the Azores. The band was formed in 1998 by André Gouveia (bass), António Neves (guitars/ vocals) and Hélder Almeida (drums) as a doom/gothic metal act, initially under the name Hades and later on, Peccatum. In the same year they played live for the very first time and released their first demo tape, entitled "In Beauty". At the beginning of 1999, with the release of the second demo, "Just Like Tears...", the band adopted its current name, which is a latin expression applied to all the things that escaped socially acceptable behaviour patterns. In 2002 the band released its first digital studio production, the MCD "Antilia", which was well received and highly acclaimed in the national underground. "Antilia" established IN PECCATVM as a strong force in the regional metal underground and put them among the very best underground doom/gothic bands hailing from Portugal.                   
In 2006, Miguel "Spell" Santos joined the band as a keyboard player and debuted live at the Festival de Ponta Delgada alongside with metal brothers Morbid Death and other international artists.
In 2007, the band welcomed João Oliveira as the new drummer of IN PECCATVM and Hélder Almeida was announced as a second guitar player. As a five piece band, IN PECCATVM started writing new material that featured in the 2009 EP "MDLXIII". Recorded during 2008 and 2009, the EP was produced and mastered by Eduardo Botelho, with whom the band had previously worked in "Antilia", and presented a heavily produced sound marking a new chapter in the band's life. IN PECCATVM is mainly inspired by local Azorean traditions and legends - such as depicted in the MCD "Antilia”, a concept work about the tales of the Seven Lost Cities, cradle of Atlantis or the EP "MDLXIII”, a concept work about the volcanic eruption that devastated the central part of São Miguel

island in 1563. Grief, despair, melancholy and abandonment are also common elements, in both music and words. In 2012, Miguel "Spell" Santos left São Miguel and established himself in the UK. Despite not being present as a keyboard player, he is still connected with the band, since he is a music producer himself and owner of the SPS Studios, where all the drums for the upcoming album were recorded. In November 2016, the band started the recordings of its first long play album and still continues working on it. 

In 2019, the band welcomed its new keyboard player, Stepan Kobyakin and in 2023 the band is celebrating its 25th anniversary.